What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

I have a business in Jacksonville and I called SERVPRO for commercial cleaning services. They did a great job cleaning the disaster our office was in.

Thank you for cleaning the air conditioning system and vents in our office. We really appreciate the work you've done and the extra time your staff spent taking care of things that they did not have to do otherwise. We could not have asked for a better level of service.

SERVPRO brought in a whole team of people to take care of our offices after a sewer line backup flooded nearly the entire building. They got the water out fast and did a great job cleaning up too. Thank you.

Thank you for taking care of the water problem in our office. Without your fast response and cleanup we wouldn't have been able to return to work so fast.

Thank you SERVPRO for taking care of the flood in our office. Your team was really polite and did an over the top job!

Thank you for your professional services. Our office has been returned to its former self thanks to your timely response and outstanding work.

Your crew did an amazing job. They were very polite and understanding of our needs in a time of crisis. Thank you.

Please thank your team for arriving so quickly. We could not have completed this project by ourselves. Thank you again.

Well done SERVPRO. We threw a bit of a curve ball at you and you took care of it without a problem. Thank you!

I couldn't thank your office enough for helping us in our time of need. Your crew did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend using SERVPRO again.

Your company did a spectacular job with this project. Thank you.